What is CAMWEST?

Cyclists’ Action Movement WEST (CAMWEST) is a group of cyclists in western Sydney who are keen on advocacy for cycling. CAMWEST also conducts community rides from time to time.


CAMWEST was formed in 1987 to advocate for better cycling conditions-both on road and off road. Advocacy by CAMWEST has been done with the Roads and Traffic Authority and with local government councils to improve the safety and pleasure of riding bicycles. Much of the on-road cycle routes and the off-road cycleways that now exist in western Sydney have resulted from representations made by CAMWEST. While CAMWEST is not the only cycling advocacy organisation in western Sydney, it is the oldest and best known. By 2006 most of CAMWEST's advocacy is done with local councils such as Parramatta City Council, Blacktown City Council, and Holroyd City Council.


As more infrastructure has been built for cycling it has been possible for CAMWEST to lead more rides for people in the community who would like to become familiar with cycle paths and routes.

Getting Involved

CAMWEST's website is its most vital communication channel, although to get involved, you will want to join our mailing lists.

Occasionally a social gathering is organised, such as a barbecue, so that we can talk face-to-face and have fun.

A mailing list of announcements is also available for those cyclists who wish to be kept informed of rides and other activities although they may not want to be directly involved with CAMWEST activities.