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This page allows you to view our photos and sites organised by themes and areas. Weave yourself through the images of Parramatta following themes such as Architecture, Trees and Timber, and Churches. Alternatively, you can view sites to specific areas, such as Harris Park and Parramatta Park.


Theme: Architecture

Parramatta hosts many of the oldest buildings in Australia. Take a view at the architecture of the day, including churches to gaols, from schools to orphanages.

Theme: Agriculture

Experiment Farm and Parramatta Park are key places in the agricultural history of Australia. The first crops in Parramatta were planted by Henry Dodd, on a site across across the river, opposite the Crescent, approaching the Old Kings Oval. Experiment Farm is on the site of land granted to James Ruse, the first convict to be granted land in the colony". Henry Dodd is buried in St Johns Cemetery, the oldest marked grave in Australia.

Theme: Textures

Just like its people, Parramatta is rich in a variety of textures: sandstone, brick, wood, and render. Take a close up look at some of the different textures of Parramatta.

Theme: Trees and Timber

Parramatta is a 'City of Trees', and here we have a selection.

Theme: Churches

A look at the old churches in the Parramatta area.

Theme: Doors, Gates and Windows

A close up of the doors, gates ,and windows in the many historical buildings in the area. Notice the different materials and designs used.

Theme: Plaques and Inscriptions

Enjoy closeups of plaques on the many memorials, monuments, and buildings around the area.

Theme: Towers, Roofs and Chimneys

Make sure you look up during your ride: here are some details of what you might see.

Theme: Bricks, Sandstone and Mortar

Bricks, sandstone, and mortar are the stuff Parramatta was built with. Make sure you notice the detail, such as pick axe marks on many of the sandstone bricks.

Theme: War

There are a number of War Memorials in the Parramatta area, remembering the service of locals in a variety of conflicts.

Theme: Education

Find the orphanages and schools that educated people in Parramatta.

Theme: Quirky Parramatta

Views of Parramatta you won't see on your regular heritage brochure…

Area: CBD North

Take a ride north of the river along the the Parramatta River Walk and see All Saints church, Lennox Bridge, and the beautiful gardens of Macarthur Girls High School.

Area: CBD South

South of the Parramatta River there is the mall, where you can find St John's church, Town Hall, remains of the old courthouse, and the famous Woolpack Inn.

Area: Harris Park

Harris Park is rich with history. Elizabeth Farm Cottage and Experiment Farm will show you a picture of early european settlement. Admire the amazing architecture of Our Lady of Lebanon.

Area: James Ruse Drive

The Female Orphan School has beautiful gardens - it's worth riding the extra distance.

Area: North Parramatta

Riding North you will find the Male Ward, Norma Parker Centre, and Parramatta Gaol.

Area: Parramatta Park

Arguably one of the most heritage rich places in Australia, it's also a great place for a ride.