CAMWEST (Cyclists’ Action Movement WEST)1

Bicycle Rides

Fun ‘n Easy Bicycle Rides on a Sunday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Arranged by Ian Macindoe: or 9639 4654

12.03.06: Easy Olympic Park ride: Olympic Park Ride A

09.04.06: Easy Parramatta Heritage ride: Parramatta Heritage Ride B

23.04.06: Medium Canal Cycleway ride: Canal Cycleway Ride A

14.05.06: Medium Olympic Park ride: Olympic Park Ride B

28.05.06: Medium Canal Cycleway ride: Canal Cycleway Ride B

Things to bring: Bike in good working order (tyres pumped; chain etc lubricated; brakes working); helmet (all participants must wear a helmet to be included in this ride); light packed lunch (or cash to buy lunch at café at end of ride); water (important: don’t become dehydrated); sunscreen.

Children and friends are welcome, provided they can ride safely. Children must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult.

Ride will be at a leisurely pace, with plenty of stops. Experienced riders will be on hand to help if someone has mechanical trouble (flat tyre etc).

Two sign-up sheets: Entering your name in the right hand column below indicates that you hope/plan to be on the ride. A waiver and contact sign-up sheet to be completed now or on the day of the ride (see separate sheet).





Olympic Park Ride A

Parramatta River, Blaxland Common, and Newington Armoury


Parramatta Heritage Ride B (approx. 17 km)

Will leave from Tudor Gates in Parramatta Park

and will include:

  • Lancer Barracks

  • Barrack Lane workers cottages

  • All Saints Cemetery

  • Benaud Oval and St Patrick’s Cemetery

  • Lake Parramatta

  • Sorrell St and Grose St houses

  • Old Kings School site/oval

  • St Patricks Cathedral

  • St John’s Anglican Cathedral

  • Prince Alfred Park

  • St John’s Cemetery

  • Parramatta High School


Canal Cycleway Ride A

Wentworthville Cycleway, Canal Cycleway (including Greystanes Aquaduct), Warali Wali Project


Olympic Park Ride B

Parramatta River, Sydney Olympic Park Wharf, Woo-la-ra, Louise Sauvage Trail, Brickpit, Badu Mangroves and Water Birds Refuge


Canal Cycleway Ride B

Wentworthville Cycleway, Canal Cycleway (including Greystanes Aquaduct), Prospect Reservoir, Western Sydney Regional Park

1 CAMWEST, started by Ian Macindoe in 1987, advocates with government to improve cycling infrastructure and to encourage people to ride bicycles for health, environmental and recreational reasons.

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CAMWEST Fun ‘n Easy Bicycle Rides 2006.doc February 2006